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Manifestation as an act of gratitude

For many years, I interpreted the popular notion of "manifesting your dreams" as a forward-looking exercise for conjuring what I don't already have. What has been interesting in the past months is the re-presentation of this idea to me through a lens of gratitude for where I am and what I have in front of me today. It positions me in a strange conundrum to be sure – what does being 'still' today have to do with moving forward tomorrow? Is my life as it is now, anything short of a dream?

It really does take a village

Three weeks ago we welcomed the cutest addition to our family (yes, I reluctantly conceded my crown to a more formidable contender). By the time baby Kinza reads this, the world may have done away with social media, but I hope you and I will still be around to tell her that she made her debut surrounded by immense love and light. This will be an important reminder when she begins to witness the "bang-ups and hang-ups" (Dr. Seuss) that go along with this journey, but it will be critical even more so, when she feels alone in navigating them.

Bulldozers and Ben & Jerry's

I do not know if I am in a state of heightened awareness right now, if the job market is dissipating, or if it is just a coincidence that many of my 30-something friends and I seem to be in the same sinking boat of hopelessness in the search for just one opportunity to achieve our potential. Major déjà vu of life after undergrad. You go to school, you work hard, you come out on top - and then what? You start losing your mind trying to prove yourself to an uninterested economy.
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